The Ghost (2022) Movie Download 720p Filmywap, Filmyzilla

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The Ghost (2022) Movie Download 720p Filmywap, Filmyzilla
The Ghost (2022) Movie Download 720p Filmywap, Filmyzilla

The Ghost (2022) Movie Download 720p Filmywap, Filmyzilla

Today we are going to talk. Talking about the second Telugu film i.e. Ghost released in theaters today, in which you will be seen in the lead role. Nagarjuna, Akkineni and Sonal Chauhan. The film is directed by Praveen Stark. Whereas the film Ghost is basically a comedy film that comes with a content of about two hours and 20 minutes. The film is released in two languages, Telugu and probably Tamil. This movie is not released in Hindi today.

I have seen his Telugu version, where after watching the film, I try to describe my overall experience, which forms the opinion, line by line, then for me the film The Ghost proves to be a very average film. If action scenes are removed from this average film, then this film becomes good in 1 and if Nagarjuna Akkineni is removed from this below-average film, then it remains only a boring film.

And so after watching the trailer, the action sequence that Shoonya Teen Jo Ek Shoonya was expecting was completely missing from the film. See, at the time of the trailer review of the film, I had said that its story is very routine and it appears completely routine for the story.

The trailer release Kuch Kahan uses guhya moment Phir Kahin Kuch dangerous movie ka jo hai, bharosa de Raha that, to talk about that, the action sequences that have been designed, the choreography of the action sequences are very good. Very stylish very very li.

The Ghost Full Hindi Movie Download HD Vegamovies

The action sequences have been designed to keep close to reality to a large extent. But the problem here is that there is no proper staging to bring that action sequence, to create such a moment that when the action sequence comes, it hums or things get elevated.

If we go to the High Court, such a moment does not come at all and this is the reason why very brilliant ones were also choreographed. When we are watching the action sequence, it does not have any special impact on us. Talking about the action sequences, the climax action sequence itself is the biggest highlight.

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The manner in which there is such a character in the center in which Nagarjuna spoke emotionally is connected, yet Nagarjuna Akkineni is continuously firing and that character is in the center itself. Bullets are coming out from the lap of that character. If he doesn’t get shot, then things like this completely come under question and it comes when you put your oral tone close to reality, and then when things like this If it happens then there is a problem.

If your oral toning is a bit high and operative, then it is possible that those things get ignored and if you present anything on the screen, then you have to present it in a conventional way, then that is what it is. The director of the film fails to convince anywhere. If seen inside the film, you get to see the sentiment of a brother and sister. But that’s so mean cliche. It is so out of date that there is no newness to be seen anywhere in it and leaving aside the newness, it happens that the story never gets any new.

The Ghost (2022) Movie Details

Movie(The Ghost)
Release Date5 October 2022
Movie TypeDrama, Mystery, Action
Quality720p, 480p,1080p
DirectorΒ Praveen Sattaru
ProducerSuniel Narang Puskur Ram Mohan Rao Sharrath Marar
The Ghost Movie Download In Hindi Filmymeet
The Ghost Movie Download In Hindi Filmymeet

The Ghost Movie Download In Hindi Filmymeet

But all the presentations and writing are also very weak. Nowhere we are able to connect emotionally with any character and there are two things going on between brother and sister. She is also not able to connect us emotionally with her anywhere and this story is very template oriented you must have seen many times that the action sequences look new and stylish and the rest of the story is very old and very routine It is visible here.

The background music for the rest of the film is good. Nagarjuna Akkineni looks great in this avatar.

Yet even for them, there was not much to do inside the performance. It is a given inside his character that he has some bad old memories which are haunting him a lot, so even taking that tease, his character could have been presented in a better way. In what way does the impact of what they come to hear at nightfall on their routine life? Had I shown all those things a little better, then things could have been a little better in the artistic character department.

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The way the rest of the film begins, there is a fight sequence and then suddenly the song starts. Why was there a need for the treatment of this attack in the film of this star? I didn’t understand at all. Apart from this, a lot of scopes were also created to insert thrilling moments inside the story. But nowhere is there such a thrilling moment to be seen which would completely keep our attention attached to the film. The screenplay of the film is very weak.

The Ghost Telugu, Tamil Movie Download 1080p Filmyhit

Along with the routine storyline, the screenplay of the film also does not seem engaging anywhere. The first half phulka is quite boring. Nothing seems very interesting even inside the second half. There is neither a very strong villain nor any special twisted turns inside the film, and if the action sequence is left here, then the film Ghost proves to be an absolutely average film.

Inside which there is nothing special to see at all. This is the film of that star, whose action sequence you can see the clips of five minutes of different Bhaga Bhaga, sometimes these people themselves upload it on YouTube in the coming time, then only if you watch it, you will feel that it is good. Well designed etc.

Sitting inside the door film for two and a half hours is not much fun, so now I did not like the film much. There was not much expectation but still, this film is what it is.

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