Thank God (2022) Movie Download 720p Pagalworld, 480p Filmyzilla

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Thank God (2022) Movie Download 720p Pagalworld, 480p Filmyzilla

Thank God (2022) Movie Download 720p Pagalworld

Today we are going to talk. The Hindi film Kyunki about Thank God was released in theaters today in which he will be seen in the lead role. Ajay Devgn, Sidharth Malhotra and Kulpreet Sengar. So this film, which came with two hours of content, is a drama-comedy film, where while watching the film, try to tell a story that the opinion is getting after watching it as an experience, then it has become a bit difficult because See where I went to see the whole movie in the theatre.

If I talk about there, the theater was almost full and the thriller film Shoonya film, a two-hour film, I noticed that the audience who was sitting on its side was enjoying the film a lot. People were laughing. were jumping. were dancing. Those people also played applause and whistled in some scenes, so those people were enjoying the film very much. Out of this, my confusion was increasing little by little.

Because through the film I did not like this film anywhere and therefore if I talk about my opinion, then I did not find this film impressive at all. Be it drama, or comedy, however, the impact of this film does not happen within two hours. Any scene that exists doesn’t work perfectly for me.

Thank God (2022) Movie Download 480p Filmyzilla

While watching these few scenes, I felt that nowadays on YouTube, Joe Heart, Kidney, Touching, Lung Touching Wale Emotional Pro. The video or shot of the level that comes, the exact treatment of the same type was visible ahead. The emotional scenes have been designed in the same way.

If you do good work, you will get good. If you do bad things, you will get bad. The same thing can be shown. In a slightly sensible way, he has shown it in the same way as the viral method that is going on in today’s time.

Everything should be presented in a very loud, very dramatic way. Whatever is there does not appear to be sensible. If I talk about time comedy, then you will ignore the drama to some extent, which is a comedy, isn’t it if you have my test same

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So other people were laughing which comedy which I personally felt here was very mean flat very bad comedy and the worst thing about comedy scenes was that even within two thousand 22 you get comedy scenes inside The sound facts of these people are heard in the background which was really irritating and I was not enjoying it at all.

Thank God (2022) Movie Download 720p Pagalworld, 480p Filmyzilla

Thank God Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HD Filmymeet

This film definitely had to present the story with its subject in a sincere way and present the story with situational comedy. Give a good seed to emotions. This film does not try it anywhere. There was a scene, in which I really felt really bad for giving.

Here a scene is seen between Siddharth Malhotra and his mother, and I can say that if this thing is to be shown a mother’s love here, then there are thousands of examples lying in the world to show it in thousands of ways. can be shown.

MovieThank God
Directed by:Indra Kumar
Edited by:Dharmendra Sharma
Release date:25 October 2022
Running time:2h 1minutes

But the way the director of the film has used it here, I really liked seeing it. This means the example of a mango and the way they are shown while chewing the kernels of a mango. Even today, when he is the realization of that thing to Siddharth Malhotra, even after that, if you see, the camera on his mother’s side goes on zoom and what is on his mother’s face is mango which is fully engaged. Is.

I could not understand why the director who wants to create comedy from that scene in this film. Want to be emotional or want to make the audience feel green? I didn’t understand at all. In the climax of the film, you get to see western dance to some extent. If the twisted turns that are there would have worked to some extent, they could have been a batter.

Thank God 2022 Movie Download 1080p Vegamovies

If it was kept inside the characters from the emotional middle inside it and in a slightly stronger way, then by definition those emotional scenes could work. But whatever drama is happening again over there, it looks very silly. Positive if I talk.

There are some positives inside every film, so if I talk about this film and Ajay Devgan’s work inside the film is good. Whatever is there in the cameo guest appearance in a small role, his work is very good.

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Seeing them is also a little fun on the screen. Whatever a serious dialogue time by him, the serious one-liners that we get to hear, who can truly say that we can apply in our life, then those are the things. It sounds good and the idea of ​​the concept of the film was good but the execution.

Which was very bad. Apart from Ajay Devgan, if I talk about Rakul Preet Singh, Siddharth Malhotra, and Inswinger in the film, then everyone’s work is very below average. Sidharth Malhotra,

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I expected him to do some great work in the drama portion of this emotional poster and in comedy scenes his work was flat. Even inside drama and emotional scenes, we do not get to see some extraordinary work by him here.

The film is of two hours and it becomes a bit difficult for me personally to watch the entire film in two hours. Songs are songs remix songs that sound good to hear. If we do not see any creativity of the makers of the film inside it, then if we talk about. If the film is shot here, then for me this film proves to be a below-average film.

I didn’t enjoy it anywhere but as I said the audience inside the theater was enjoying it a lot if you are one of them. Definitely, you too can probably enjoy this movie in the theatre. The opinion I have has been placed in front of Mona.

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