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Kram Bas Kalam Rangat Kalam Yeh is a 2018 Telugu period action drama film Shreyas Sukumar who has also been a writer and director of films like Arya Arya To In by a Naxalite. Accurate and Prakash Raj Prashn for Shri Ram Samantha Jagwati Babu etc was released last week i.e. on 30th March but then we were not engaged in our own theater so came to watch these movies last week.

You all requested so much that’s why I had to wake up at five in the morning and travel for three to four hours. This movie is a story to watch. Due to the people close to the society in the nineteen-eighties of the village, it has been shown in this film that how the people of the village were completely immersed in doing colors.

The lead character of our film, Chitti Babu, played by actor Ramcharan Ji, has some difficulty in hearing until someone speaks loudly, nothing is heard. Chitti Babu has been shown to be a very innocent and innocent actor and very much in love with his elder brother.

Ramcharan Ji has shown this character so beautifully that seeing him on the screen means you will feel different happiness in Kya Kahun, not only his fans, whoever will watch this film, seeing him on the screen is a kind of treat. Is. There is no doubt that Chitti Babu’s elder brother Kumar Babu, played by actor Aditya, has returned from Dubai to his village and after coming back here, he sees the condition of the people of the village, after that for them. They want to do something.

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Now later in the film Kya Hota Hai I am not going to tell myself anything. Watch that film because it is a different experience. Now you will say that we have seen this type of story in many films that where you are the moneylenders or the people of the village who are troubled because of those who are corrupt people of the society.

Lands are occupied by these people, we have seen a lot of such stories, so what is so special in this film, so the film is a lot, I only told you whatever part of the beginning of the film, but Sukumar Ji Have started once again that if the direction is good then it is complete Friends This Rangasthalam Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Tamilrockers This Search On Google Bat Friends This Tamilrockers Website Has Illegal Website.

No matter how many times you have listened, if the film is properly placed in front of the audience, then it entertains us again and the tricolor salute. This film entertains us in every way. From here with the amazing traffic performance, every actor has given such a wonderful performance here that I cannot tell you in words and the character of Chitti Babu means that he is made for Ramcharan Ji, that emperor we say.

We can say that it is made for them only and this is the best performance of Ramcharan Ji to date, which means literary for that category, we start caring for that category, we start worrying about it from within ourselves. Man, now what will happen next, what will happen next, so much we get involved with the story from inside.

The films also have a lot of funny moments and this is the name of her character’s resemblance to the lead actress of the film. Ram Lakshya In that program, she seems to be a real village girl. Meaning she is dancing behind in some scenes, not only that is her role, but in this film, she also has a different role for her character. Because of him in this film, the way the people of the society are another character, then how are they looking for the people of the village.

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It is only because of the character of Ram Laxmi that the people of the village come to know that there is also a strong character and Suman has played that role equally well in eating and the way the atmosphere of the village has placed in front of us, isn’t it?

rangasthalam tamil dubbed Full movie download HD 720p

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From the very beginning of the film. We think yes we are seeing something epic. From the very beginning frame, when it starts again from here, Ramcharan Ji is going on a cycle. The kind of cinematography there is, the tone of the film, the color shades on it, make us feel that yes this is a film of the 1980s and the music on the radio of that time. The sad songs used to go on and the way some shots have been taken so beautifully here, don’t watch them on the big screen only then you will enjoy it.

Meaning if you believe later if this film comes on Amazon Prime Video or later you will see this film on the small screen, then you probably will not enjoy it that much. This film is made for the theater and along with all these things, this is the smallest character of the village and has paid very close attention to trekking on it. Then when Vikram comes out of the theatre.

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  • Movie Name: rangasthalam
  • Language:- Tamil
  • Release date: 30 March 2018
  • Director: Sukumar
  • Duration:- 2 Hour 59Min
  • Box office: est. ₹216 crore
  • Rangasthalam Movie Full Review By:- Wikipedia

neither even the smallest character settles in our mind which is the problems of the people of the village. how for the last three decades a village headman is ruling the village but still Due to ignorance, people have considered him as God in a way because of uneducated and no one dares to go against him, then what are the problems of the people of those villages.

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The director showed so closely and in such a wonderful way that we ourselves felt that yes we are in that place and all these things are happening around us. And how can we forget the commotion? The story cannot be complete without that character. Chitti Babu has shown him an idea, now I was watching this film in English subjects on the screen, so I was able to study.

I do not know by what name Chitti Babu used to call him. But we can call her a middle-aged beautiful lady and the friendship between Chitti Babu and her which was seen in the film is not a pure friendship we can call it a very good friendship between them there would hardly have been a sour-sweet relationship Is.

That type of relationship between them is shown here in friendship and they release both the films in one place and forget them but a servant of Sukumar Ji has seen this film for Arya Arya and have complex screenplays in a way and there are so many layers that when they tell the story, at that time we get to see exactly the same things in the theater as well.

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A lot of things are going on in front of us at the same time and the way we combine them to do hat-trick and till the last second of the film, this film keeps you tied with you and I had absolutely no idea what happens at the center of the film nor I Didn’t imagine at all Absolutely illiterate table.

Whatever you think happens in the ending of the film and the whole film itself, the things that are being filmed cannot be imagined now, even if you have seen this type of story hundreds of times, you have seen hundreds of movies based on this story. But still, you will not be able to imagine what will happen next.

The dialogues of the film also seemed very situational, it did not disturb me anywhere but I enjoyed all these songs and once you hear them, your heart will definitely not be formed, all these songs are Lachhi Mein Ranga Maa Mangala Nagana and Ranga Ranga Ranga. All these songs are so beautiful to hear, if we talk about the lack of Kishore, then I am telling the truth. I really didn’t feel any lack here.

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