Rama Rao On Duty (2022) Full Hindi Movie Download 720p Filmyzilla, Filmywap

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rama rao On Duty Movie

Rama Rao On Duty (2022) Full Hindi Movie Download 720p Filmyzilla

The trailer which is released in Telugu language only. To all of you on Lalu’s afternoon where Ravi Teja himself posted a poster on his Instagram account story, inside which it was written that both Telugu and Hindi trailers will be released at 07:11 pm and after In I deleted the story of Jo Hai Woh from his account and after that the new poster which he uploaded was mentioned only about the Telugu trailer and that is what happened. It has been seen only in the Telugu trailer, so it may be that its Hindi film will be released within the coming days.

Maybe the makers are still not able to confirm whether to release the Hindi version of the film in theaters or not, so once there is a confirmation on that, then maybe we can get to see the trailer. If I have told you that the Hindi dubbing of the film has been completed even more.

Amar Bavaria, who has given voice for Ravi Teja, has been dubbed for him, so now it will be the decision of the makers whether they have to release the film in theaters or will release the Hindi version there when Ravi comes on the film. So all those things that you will get confirmed in the coming days.

Now talking about the trailer, after watching the trailer, I would like to say that the trailer which is there looks quite impressive. Quite a film which looks quite interesting. The first thing is the way the trailer has been edited. If you look a couple of times normally you will see without doing poses etc. If you look, you will get some special more idea about the story. No. The second thing is that if you see the path of the film, then whatever is the oral and feel, which is the character of Ravi Teja somewhere.

Rama Rao On Duty Hindi Dubbed Movie Download 480p Filmywap

You present this film in a very different way from Ravi Teja’s regular films, even if you talk about it. His dialogue delivery of Ravi Teja’s character and the manner in which most of the focus we see on the story in the trailer, we do not get to see much in Ravi Teja’s films.

Action being, it has been given very little space inside the trailer, so it is probably giving an assurance that the main highlight point of the film may be the story of the film. By the way, if you look at the normal after seeing the trailer, then you will not know much, yet what we have.

You have tried to break down the film a little bit, which we will talk about later, if we talk about the trailer, then in the beginning we get to hear that there are many people who are there. They have disappeared here and inside the trailer we get to see the bodies of many people. Efforts are on to bury here and not only the body.

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If you see inside a few frames, then the whole lorry is what it is. An attempt is being made to bury it underground here. Which means some crime or the other,

Efforts are being made to hide this crime and perhaps Ravi Teja’s character is what you are, you will probably be seen solving it. Now after watching a few frames and some scenes of the trailer here, two things have been confirmed for me.

Number 1 is that the story of the film is not going to happen in today’s time. The story which is going to happen in a short period time. I said that you will get to see a story in this because if you see this short where Ravi Teja is signing, then the date you get to see here, in which the year is clearly written, then somewhere Kahani Jo Hai Four Mein

rama rao

Rama Rao On Duty Full Telugu Movie Download HD Mp4moviez

is about to be stabilized back. On the other hand, if you look at the posters on the walls, inside a lot of the short of the trailer, then there were two old commercial TV commercials. You get to see their photos. You also get to see posters of old films in many places, so what is the story of the film. It is going to be set in a little bit old time and the other thing which we get to know from the trailer here.

It is this crime that you are committing. So many people have been killed. If some people are missing, then there is a crime which may be related to the smuggling of red sandalwood somewhere because if here the trailer

If you look at some scenes, there are many people who are going to work in the forest, the labor is seen inside the forest and maybe some people have been killed by you and if you see this shot of the special trailer, then here The body that is lying On the side of this body, you can see that a whole tree which is there is also chopped.

Movie NameRama Rao On Duty (2022)
Running time2h 52Minutes
Release date29 July 2022
DirectorSarath Mandava

then suddenly it is possible that the crime happening inside the frame has a direct connection with the smuggling of red sandalwood. Is. On the other hand, Ravi Teja, who is seen here with both Rajneesh Vijayan and Divyanshu Kaushik inside the trailer, may be a part of the film.

Inside Ravi Teja can be seen in a double role. Perhaps he can be seen here playing the role of both father and son, because if you see some frames of the trailer, Ravi Teja, who is running with a small child, is running here while saving him.

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So it may be that it is his son who grows up later, maybe catches the real criminal completely and solves this case completely, then those things might happen. Whatever it is, it is completely mine. I cannot give hundred percent compensation on this and tell you in the remaining two posts, I will give you confirmation with proof on what is there.

Rama Rao On Duty 2022 Movie Download In Hindi Pagalworld

If you have seen the trailer, then the mystery inside the trailer is quite well maintained here. The dead bodies of people are seen in the trailer and efforts are on to bury Laurie. The character of Ravi Teja will be seen here burning a lot of shooting documents. While he is trying to find his criminals. any.

So, if you see people burning whatever they are, then the factor of crime and mysteries is being seen in a very good way somewhere in the trailer. You will also see the action.

His portion inside the trailer has been kept quite limited and the action that has been seen is in Ravi Teja’s style. What you get to see mass mask action, you are getting to see that action again here. Blood Her nutrition is a bit low which I would say is a good thing. On the other hand, its background music is quite good.

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The engaging factor inside the trailer proves that. The color grading and cinematography which is seen here is normal and simple descent is visible. Let’s see what happens inside the rest of the film.

Basically, seeing the trailer, it is known that this is the film. Ravi Teja’s Mass Masala film is going to be short and a proper crime investigative thriller film and plays the biggest role in the films of this type that come. Its screen play is its story which decides how engaging the full is.

The suspense inside him, how is he maintained, then all those things that we will know after watching the film and the trailer has turned out very well, and hope that the film proves to be a good film. Perform well at the box office so that Ravi Teja gets a strong comeback because his previous film Khiladi Jo Hai was a disaster at the box office, so this is my opinion about the trailer of the film.

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