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Initially, it seemed to me that this news is being spread only by a coaching group feeder so that a panic situation can be created in the middle of the panel or by one group friend. Could have created pressure on the production company here that they should come out in front and put some paper-like theirs in front.

At that time, I felt the same way, but by last night, I started getting a little clarity, but still, the same eyes were fixed on this day when there was a clarity somewhere about one thing on the eight days of the night. If we are going to see, then from tomorrow the one line which was most important was that Pushta Part One which is now will not be released in Hindi theaters. The place that is direct will now be released on YouTube.

This was too much. Regarding this, people used to say that whatever they do, they are stuck in it etcetera, but the whole story which was there, it got a little clear this morning, where we will try to discuss this whole story as it is, will keep it in front of you as well. We will tell what is the present situation right now, how far has this topic reached.

We are going to talk about everything in this video, so there is a reason for Tanu within you, if you try to listen to this video a little carefully, then first of all the news comes that Pushpa Tawaif while Pushpa Part One which was earlier only Pushpa in any preparation to release in the first two parts. Only one single film was going to happen earlier, whose rights are there or which has Hindi dubbing rights issue or the makers of Up Chal ie only movie makers though it has been given by Prof.

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But before the liquid diet soda was given, now later the tractor makers expressed such confidence in the script. He felt that this story really deserves to go on a pan India level and Arjun’s huge fan base can show good performance in many places. In Nauti’s market, both of them decided that let’s get us to release candy alone, so at this point, it was being said that more Manjhi movie makers and the production company or distribution company had bought such Hindi on Sunday.

The deal is finalized in the middle, where according to this deal, whatever the Hindi version is, the Hindi Dabri version of Terai, whatever it is, whatever the Hindi version will collect, some percent of its share will be given to that company, then some such profit share What is given for it was finalized.

At that time, later everything is very good, but you all know how bad the condition of the farm has become within a few years, within a couple of years. Where people are not going to comment at all. Now AMC Settle will be released, after that, it will be known that how much Vaani Joshi likes to go to the theater from Gaur or if she has got used to TV, then it will be known only after the release of the entire musical.

But just now when the release of this film was getting closer, the problem came out here that the company to which the distribution rights were sold like Light was once sold. In the initial phase, that company is now saying that we are not going to spend a single rupee extra on this Kurup (2021) Full Hindi Movie Download 720p isaimini, 480p Tamilrockers.

This means we are not going to spend even a single rupee on the promotion of the film till Hansal is released in the theatre, but we will not spend even this and we will also take that share from the profit of the Hindi version of the first taker. If you stay, then such a situation is created.

On the other hand, that production company has to say that the audience here is the engine and bangles, we and you are talking about the environment that you have created while supporting piracy, that environment is not so bad. It has happened that the production company is not trusting the films of such big actors from such a big production company to listen carefully to them.

Pushpa Full Hindi Movie Download Filmyzilla

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He said that these audiences, who sit and watch those free movies on YouTube, will never go to the center by paying money and will not go to this situation at all, and if we spend money on them, we do promotions, etc. It is going to be a very big loss deal, so some such statement which he gave here or this statement has come out through Turbo Media.

then after this, your story has broken the record where it is being said. It is that there are two production companies of Bollywood who were trying to take the rights even for a day, they say that we are their Hindi version.


Sure it happens and one can think in this situation and it may happen in this situation that either it is another Bollywood company who want to release Bordehi Ke Hamdard, that company will have to show trust. Let’s go over the body of Allu Arjun on the real, even if we have to give him profit share, we have to give some money, we will promote but still why we have so much faith that he will give us what he is and earn good profit.

Pushpa Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmyzilla

In the second case, it can happen when there is not even that much that he has shown the opposite faith. Arjun showed confidence to his fans and said that let does not worry, by putting some money from our pockets, we get the Hindi version of the film released here, whatever we get done will be done and we will give the profit charge that we have to pay.

And now this star which has been seen many times. It has been seen many times that Allu Arjun himself came out in front and said that let me make my film first, this is my film which is going to go to India level first, I give some money from my pocket.

To promote the film and what this film is, it may be that they can also get it released from one of their production houses, or they can promote or prepare it by withdrawing money from their pocket, later the profit share has dropped. So here if you go to see overall, then things are completely up to a trust that how much trust you have in your firm.

How much trust do you have in your actor on that actor’s fan, all these things which are there, they are stuck. Now your question on this will be which company of Bollywood wants to release like and which is the company which was going to release before this or the one who was the first to have the rights, whether it has any priority or else on these things. These things are very sensitive issues for OTG cable which we cannot provide.

It is not like that which is not a common thing, it is not so because neither assuming that the makers have come out in front of these things and whatever is there, only the company which was sold earlier is going to put it in front of you. But everyone with me knows that whatever rights belong to soda, if it has been done by someone, then there is no need to pay a lot or pay.

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But I can’t say this thing officially in the video here, so I won’t. Now let’s talk about what the final situation has come out now, so by the time when I make things, the wind has gone out or that this issue has been completely resolved somewhere. Yes, you heard absolutely right, the news should be removed that whatever the issue was, whatever the confusion was.

whoever it was, whatever the legal issue was, they are almost solved, and somewhere the way for the Hindi release of the film is that. It is almost cleared and I am saying earlier also that this was not a big issue, I have also given messages to many people that this is not a big issue.

In such cases, it happens that someone takes out a small amount of money from his pocket and gets the film released, then somewhere things have started, you will get to see the official announcement soon. But the problem is that in the midst of all these things, the promotion regarding the Hindi version of Chetan has not started properly yet and the trailer is going to be released this month.

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so that is why he did a little comedy. Duty was released and there is a panic situation among fans. She was growing a little, now let’s see how much truth is there in these things that come out and what to say about the status in the days to come.

Nowhere have the feminist moviemakers given any statement on their behalf and never will. All these things come from the under-20 era. Industry widens inside, so it comes out. Didn’t come out for so long. If it has come after so many days, then surely there will be some truth in this news.

But according to the news I have received, things have been resolved as they are, the deal has been done and soon you will get to see the update or official announcement regarding its Hindi release, so don’t take tension at all. Small and big problems like this always come.


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