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The much-awaited Talgo film Maharshi Ka Toh Hi Ek Telugu action, which was released this week, will be seen in the lead role. Superstar Mahesh Babu Pooja Hegde and Wardrobe Naresh Bakir do the storyline of the film, so I will tell as much about the story of the film as they saw in the teaser trailer.

So this film is the story of Rishi Kumar who is made the CEO of a very big multinational company at the very beginning of the film and on this occasion organizes a surprise party for Rishi Kumar’s college friends, where those people Upon meeting, they go to the flashback of Rishikumar’s success story where they remember how this success story started.

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The film goes completely in the flashback in Japan, it is seen that Rishi Kumar is a very brilliant student who meets two very good friends in college i.e. Pooja Hegde and Aladdin Naresh. The thing to be seen is that both of these are not present in the entire surprise party that has been organized. Why didn’t these two come to meet him? What happened with both of them and how does Rishikumar.

who has a habit of never giving up, change people’s thinking at the end of the film, is this or something that is going to be seen in the whole story of the film? This is the thing for him, while talking about his storyline, the first and biggest plus point of that film is the profiling case of Mahesh Babu and Anari Naresh in this film. To be honest, Modi was new to Mahesh Babu’s role in the first half of the film, which he has played very well.

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For the rest of the second, you can also say that in the second half of the film, Mahesh Babu will be back again in the role of Bharat and Cuba’s Harsha, and with this, he proved that if anyone in Tollywood can play such a role very much. If he can play well then he is probably Mahesh Babu. Apart from this, if Girish is, to be honest, then the film Race in Palari is a surprise package and his acting is commendable.

After the group Shiv Shambhu film, if he’s acting in any film has impressed me the most, then it is this film. The first half of the film is very good, we get to hear some strong dialogues along with very good comedy. To be honest, the real-life of this film is the strong dialogues of this film and a social message given by the scene or scene in this film.

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The dialogues of the film are a very respectful inspiration and have been written very well. Still, looking at the trailer and teaser, it seemed that this film, perhaps Nikhil Valuable, apart from a full-fledged mother, will get to see a lot of action in Japan. But to tell the truth, the action in this film is as much as it is in regular Maharshi films. Yes, one thing that happened very well about Chroma was that looking at the trailer.

it seemed that maybe this film could have an action of that level, whose caption might not be done by Maheshwar, but I will say that Mahesh Babu’s style of action in this film. It has been retained and the action is as good as it is, as much as the expectation was after watching the trailer, you will not get to hear that much action. But this film is not boring, which seemed from the trailer and teaser, so I would say that whatever characters the film has, it is good.

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Maharshi 2019 Full Movie Download In Telugu

Apart from this, he is very good with Croma’s film Emotional Scene which has been directed very well. Especially the bonding shown between the wardrobe narration Mahesh Babu is truly commendable. Yes, I would like to say one thing that the second half of the film has been overburdened. The film Second Bhojana looks long but one thing if you are going to watch your sweet.

then you should know because a lot of delays were announced that this film is going to be about three hours long and this film is probably two hours 55 minutes long Even then I would say that you all should know why this film has been kept for three hours and whether to keep the scene of but for three hours because somewhere everyone knows that if the film is of three hours then neutral. The schedule might get boring too.

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So if I haven’t told you, then let me tell you that this is Mahesh Babu’s daughter’s film which has been released as a celebration and fans can enjoy the celebration which happens. The neutral audience can not do that much celebration. But one thing I would like to say is that the best thing about Spin is that this film will not disappoint the neutral audience at all. Or friends, this film will not disappoint the neutral audience at all because in this film a very good message Kamal social message which has been given very well.

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At the same time, the one whose emotion is shown in this film of Kangana is a neutral audience or Ka, which she will definitely like if she is seen in the class. What is also to praise the director of the film because the story of this film is a solved plot, it changes a little bit every half hour and is not disabled at all, due to which it was very difficult to handle the story but The director of the film did his job very well and his recovery will probably be able to connect almost every audience. Yes, I would like to say one thing that some scenes in the second half of the film are very much which should not be shown.

And at the same time, I would like to say that the second coming of the film keeps reminding us again and again by Shrimant Guru and Bharat which should have stopped being highlighted. Se to ki Baat led by his plus-minus point if the contingency is final, then to say in one line, then Maharishi has been darkened very well by a very entertaining and very emotional film where we will also get to hear strong dialogues.

This film will always be remembered for its social message and strong dialogues. So if you wear a confident diet, you can watch Jageshwar in Telugu movies. But if you are a neutral audience then you will wait for the Hindi version of this route. Four out of five stars for Sean from my side.

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