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Love Aaj Kal Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla

Love Aaj Kal 2020 Hindi Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

People will talk about love in the film, nowadays, let’s see about the film Love Aaj Kal Movie policy review, let’s see what special style in which a fan should not see. So Friends, since the official trailer of this film came out, people started to hit the film that the film Daddy, as well as the entire movie of 2009 I Love, is very much similar to the film nowadays and Now after the release of this film, I can not tell you my opinion that whatever people thought about watching the trailer of this film, it comes out completely true.

Yes, in a way, if seen in a way, this film is named after Imtiaz Ali’s reboot of Love Today, in which it is repeated by the same things in the film, how the love Aaj Kal Movie is like in two time periods. However, at that time, in this 2009 film, Pyaar Koi Maa Dausa was shown at the time of 931, and in this film, we have been shown this love from Aaj Se Aaj Tak.

If seen, if Imtiaz Ali’s bus will run, then every ten years, that love will continue to cook finger-hijbul food like nowadays. Since when you change the generation, according to your generation, the way of love also changes, which has been changing for many years.

Love Aaj Kal Hindi Movie Download 2020 Filmywap

In such a situation, if this film is seen, Imtiaz Ali has made only the younger audience in mind. Those people who have gone to the theater to watch the film, keeping in mind today’s technology and new casting, the film has been released on this day. If you want to know the meaning of love quite well, then according to today’s generation, this film will be worth anyone’s money for them.

Since this film has been kept very serious, in fact, we are not shown much in the name of comedy, due to which this film is not a comedy at all, but yes, the love conflicts between the two couples have been shown that things are quite small. And movies have been told for a long time.

Although this film is around two hours and five minutes, still the film seems very big to us and if people who do not dissect it, why should they watch this film or not and people organized Imtiaz Ali’s 2009 If I had seen love these days, then my opinion for them will be that if you stay away from this film, it will be more good.

Can not I think you should return the money for a Bollywood film? If we talk about the story, then by looking at the trailer of the film, we get a clear understanding of what the film is and if you, as you said, have loved the 2009 version of Love Aaj Kal, the film is exactly the same.

Love Aaj Kal 2020 Full Movie Download In Hindi

Love Aaj Kal Full Hindi Movie Download HD 720p

Let me explain to you some characters here, such as Saif Ali Khan, the lead actor in the 2009 version, and the story was shown to us from his perspective, then in this film, he was not focusing on Karthik but on Sara Ali Khan. Keys has been done and she is repeating the same role of her father in this film and seeing them, she remembers the love of her youth by Randeep Hooda, who is playing the role of Rishi Kapoor of 2009 version again And if the whole film is talked about the best performance, it is the best performance in the spill, then here comes the name only of Randeep Hooda. Yes, those 11 I think you will like the performance of any other in this film.

Although Randeep Hooda has been given a lot less screen space in as little screen time as he has, he has told how talented he is and the extent to which he can roll and talk about the direction of the film, yes The film is fine according to the direction and the story as I said does not give us anything new. Technology has been changed in the name of just reboot and the thinking of today’s young generation.

Apart from this, there is nothing like watching a film new. If you talk about songs too. Whenever a song comes on the screen, apart from one or two songs, the rest of the hundred just bore us on the screen. And yes, if the rest of the songs in the film are in the pair. Apart from this, the film has also been badly done, which leaves no stone unturned to bore us. Overall, this film becomes an average movie.

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If I talk about action-comedy and horror on the rating of the film, then I will give these three zero stars out of five that all three things are not movies, so they grow. On the drama of the film, as I said, the story of the film is very worn and due to which the rating will be two and a half stars out of five and after that I will give it to Ajay.

After half of five stars, when the film comes in its second half after the first half, then we get a little bold interest in the film. Before that this film does not give us anything other than bored and now talk about the innocent audience, then I think this film was liked by the innocent audience, due to which, in their eyes, it is of Spain’s minus.

Now talk about the critics, maybe this film may be liked by some critics, due to which the rating of this film will be dishonest in their eyes and talk to me, in my view, the rating of Spain is directly related to this innocent audience. Is because all the feeling while watching this film is of Kill. I felt the same feeling while watching the 2009 film in which I did not feel newness at all.

So, if you talk about the rating, then my mind will remain about this film and if you talk about the 2009 rating here, I will give the 2009 film here according to my own. The rating and going out will tell you once again that you do not go to the theater at all to waste your money, and according to this, those who do not want to go to the theater without saying it, cannot say at all. That is your wish.

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