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Kanaa Tamil Movie Download HD 720p Tamilrockers

Today we are going to review. The world television premiere of the 2018 Tamil sports drama film Karna, whose Indian version is going to be held today i.e. on 5th February at 8 pm on Sony Max channel named Not out and after the television premiere i.e. at 11 pm, this is again you on Google.

You will be able to see it on the girl who has its premiere has already been installed, so let’s talk about the school, then this film is directed by Arun Raja Kamaraj, wherein this film you will be in the lead role. Will be seen Apart from Aishwarya Rajesh and Satyaraj, Shiva Karthikeyan will also be seen in an extended cameo role in this.

Before starting the review of the phone, I would like to share a small experience with you that when the film Yeh Jo Firm Hai became a hit, it was remade in Telugu, where Priya was remade in Telugu in the remake of Aishwarya Rajesh and Shiva Karthikeyan. Both are visible. All the rest of the characters are visible to Telugu actress Mavra because now you all know that Telugu is easily understood by me, so I thought why not look at the Telugu version when the casting is limited.

So about a year and a half ago, I had seen the Telugu version of the film i.e. Kaushilya Krishnamurthy, but just a few days ago, four or five days ago, I saw the Tamil version of the film i.e. Kareena, and watched it. After that let me tell you one thing that this film which was remade in Telugu was puri ki puri or frame to frame remake.

Kanaa Full Tamil Movie Download 1080p isaimini

There were even some songs whose tunes were also used there and in spite of all this when I saw the Tamil version, I liked the Tamil version more than the Telugu version. Even though the execution was better on frame different films, I liked the direction better here.

I liked Yami better and I was able to connect more emotionally with the characters who were here, Crazy said whoever I have seen Kaushilya Krishnamurthy, who recommends her with dance, and on the occasion, Kareena will definitely see her dance with her, now talk the same thing.

By now you must have come to know about this film that how I liked this film. Yes, I have liked this film very much and while watching this whole film, I have a smile on my face in many scenes and there are many such places where I became emotional, so best of all, let’s talk about something positive.

So the first of the points here, the biggest zero points that are seen from the school in Biaora is the emotions in this film. Yes, all the characters in the film have been presented in a very good way and with a lot of emotions, where you can see the emotions of a father and a daughter, the way you have presented their relationship, it is really fun to see. Comes and looks very cute Kanaa Tamil Movie Download on Tamilrockers Bat This Tamilrockers Website Has Illegal Site.

According to the plot of the film, an attempt is made to show itself that when a village girl goes to sports or any such field where girls of the village do not participate mostly, then what kind of difficulties do they face. And what kind of struggles have to be faced, you get to see it here as well.

Yes, you must have seen all these things in many movies even before this but one more thing which I liked very much was that you have also tried to show that those who are the parents of the girl if someone is supporting If someone is protesting then why is he protesting and this you have tried to present it with a very good scene and this scene is from G Jacqueline in this particular scene

kanaa tamil movie download 720p Tamilrockers

Kanaa 2018 Movie Download In Tamil Tamilrockers

Whose name is Rama Ji, then her performance, who is playing the role of the mother of Joe or Rajesh’s mother, can be seen on seeing her performance, I liked the dialogue delivery of Sahiban and the work she has done in the particular frame, and this is what The scene was this was one of the work-based scenes of this film.

so the social message that I have tried to give through sports about girls is not only good but at the same time the message you have about farmers in this bill. We get to see that is also very good and tries to say a lot, tries to teach a lot and this particular thing was here it comes out with a surprise package with the film.

During the second half of the film, you will get to see many such scenes where the dialogues are written so well that they love the emotions inside all those scenes and also remember the elevation. The dialogues of the film as an average host are also going to be seen very well. Apart from this, about the performance of the rest, I would like to say that one of the biggest strong links of this film is not it.

The casting of this film Aishwarya Rajesh Satya Rajesh Shiva Karthikeyan Each and every actor has been presented in such a wonderful way. Telling the truth is made on sight, so first of all talk about Aishwarya Rajesh, her work is very good and she has done her work in a very good way.

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Whether we talk about emotional scenes, every scene of aggressive scenes has been presented very well and their work in every scene is very good and their character was presented with an innocence. Because of that, the character he is connects with you very easily.

Apart from this, there is no need to say about Satyaraj, because he has played this type of role many times before and has played it in a very amazing way and even here he will not disappoint you at all. And one in this movie. There is a phone scene that you get to see in the last and the work done in that particular scene will bring tears to your eyes.

Kanaa Full Movie Download HD 480p Tamilyogi

Apart from this, if we talk about Shiva Karthikeyan, then his role in this film may be very small, but since his entry, it seems as if the film has got a different glow and the dialogues written in it are also very amazing ways. And what is their look, they get to see it going very well or that other thing I would like to say for Shiva Karthikeyan.

these things which you will get to see only in the Tamil version and here too I find this thing very good. Started. Another thing about this film was that in the film, when Shiva Karthikeyan and everyone gathers for international level cricket, people from every state come there, then they do not speak Tamil there.

Yes, friends, he speaks only Hindi and Shiva Karthikeyan has also spoken Hindi in the film. Yes, if you watch the Tamil version, then Tamil will be heard, but you also hear a little Hindi in the background. Meaning the makers have tried to show this thing completely that when the character is going to North India, he is speaking only Hindi there because the Tamil audience can understand.

In this, he has dubbed side by side, the effort has been made to show us both these things, I liked it very much and it feels very real because you will often see that in South films when the characters go abroad. They speak Telugu as well as Tamil too, so those things hurt a little, so you have tried to cover this thing very well.

How To Watch Online Kanaa Tamil Movie On Kuttymovies

Apart from this, one thing that I liked a little was that if there is a portion of sports drama or visual sports, that means where sports starts in good, where international matches are started, then the things that we get to see there. It means a lot of old things have become, that means you have probably seen those things in every film from Chak De India to Devil, then if they brought some newness in those things.

then it would have been more fun to watch. But there you get to see the same things. There are things anyway. Meaning whenever a girl goes from village to city to play cricket or she goes for some sports, what kind of critique do you get to see. How do people hate them?

Kanaa Movie Cast And Release Date?

  • Movie Name: Kanaa
  • Language:- Tamil
  • Release date: 21 December 2018
  • Director: Arunraja Kamaraj
  • Genre:- Drama/Action
  • Duration:- 2 Hour 40Min
  • Produced:- Sivakarthikeyan
  • Kanna Movie Full Review By:- Wikipedia

When he loves her, all these things that make her a very repeat lady and again tried to be shown in this film and even during cricket, the tips you get to see in Hendrix are also very productive. It is seen in motion, it has been presented in a very protective way, but apart from this, I would like to say that the climax emotion is the life of this film.

yes, a speech of Vaish Rajesh is seen in the climax, isn’t it right? I had tears in my eyes during Kamal Ka Tazia 200 speech. Now the thing to be seen will be how the dubbing of the film is done because without good dubbing and without good dialogues, the fun of this film can be completely gritty.

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