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Etharkkum Thunindhavan Movie Download 720p isaimini

Suriya’s first parent or Ammijaan was released in theaters today. Here about Tum Police Daman Toh Racket Phir Bhi is an action drama film by Pandey Raj, where apart from Suriya, you will be seen in the lead role. Sathyaraj, Priyanka Mohan, and Vinay Rai are what this film is today. Raees has been made in Tamil as well as in Telugu and Hindi languages. But here today the shows of its Hindi version are negligible.

Actually, the shows which have started from 12:00 noon onwards, where only a few theaters have what they are. In this, the shows of the Hindi version have been put in, so assume that the Hindi version of Swara is released in a good way, which you will get to see only on the date of 11 March i.e. tomorrow. So if you have noticed, then those whose dance has not been shown today.

Your shows are what you are getting to see in tomorrow’s date, so what I have. The Tamil version of this film has also been seen with subtitles.

Where after watching this, I have more opinions and try to tell in a month by giving the experience that was made, then ET which is a decent commercial film with a very good message. In this, what is there is treated as a complete and a family dinner, where we get to see what is a very serious and sensitive issue here. Director Pandi Raj has given a message about the issue raised inside this event.

Etharkkum Thunindhavan Full Tamil Movie Download 480p Moviesda

This issue is very different or the first time this attack has been taken. There is nothing like that. What is on this topic and many times in different ways, the messages have been given, read Paani Raju, who has written about this day, it looks quite different with this topic somewhere. Because of which the sun would end. I will give you one such that let’s see what is in our toilet, we got to see something different.

The idea of ​​the director presenting this film as a family entertainer, given the serious and strong message of Sun Get Serious, looks very good to see that if you make it in a private dinner, then that day is for most of the people.

Will arrive. Will reach more and more people and the message that is there will reach more and more people. The fourth idea was the idea of ​​the breaker. I found it very good to make this film but somewhere or the other. The family drama inside this forest, which is a romantic track, which is a comedy, is what I am to the team. Should have stopped completely at one point. The lead should have been stopped after the end of the first half.

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Carrying what is in the letter to some extent within the second half as well. Out of which I would say that it was the drama portion inside the fun, which was comedy nutrition which is also considered a part of a family entertainer, nor does it impress anyone who is inside this bridge.

etharkum thuninthavan movie download in tamilrockers

Etharkkum Thunindhavan Full Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Tamilrockers

Trouble doesn’t impress me anywhere and the comedy we get to see in the first half doesn’t work for me anywhere. There were a few portions where you will get some laughs. The comedy scenes that were otherwise can be said to be too overdramatic and sports cool in many such places.

But the relief is that the character understood at one point after coming inside the second half what is the purpose of his film in fact and what he is straight after wasting a few initial minutes in the second half.

Let’s come to the main issue of this one and therefore in this film of Karan Johar, whenever its main issue is kept in front, then this film is what it is. I am able to connect with myself and that is why I found the first Goa film to be very average. In his comparison, in the second half, he could say that there was a batter, but there were some things that could engage me with him.

There, the last comparison of those 20 25 minutes of school, I would say that they were very good and at the same time what is seen in the climax there, I would also say that the idea of ​​that prank was an eclipse that to me. Definitely liked it.

Movie NameEtharkkum Thunindhavan (2022)
LanguageTamil, Hindi
Release date10 March 2022
Running time1Hours 50M

What will happen to me in the climax? The climax may be liked by most people. It may seem extraordinary too, so in my opinion, the idea of ​​climax was good and when it starts with that primates then something which is there, in the beginning, looks very impressive but what is there at first is a bit stretched and stretched there is no problem in it. Not there.

Etharkkum Thunindhavan (2022) Movie Download In Hindi

But as that person keeps on moving forward, then if you look inside him, then you will start coming to another dramatic feeling. The performance of the characters, which is an over-dramatic film within me, you will clearly see which for me was such that despite having such a good start, what was a final punch, it does not land well.

The background music heard inside the phone is banging. After watching Kya Jo Jo Joi, that background music was running through my mind for a few minutes and it also manages to elevate the BG Hum scenes well, which is in the middle of the western monsoon.

The cinematography that is seen during that scene inside the same bridge which is Suriya’s introduction was also commendable and if its interval scene is also seen as a mass masala full, then that is also very good, very funny. Was. It’s a lot of fun to see. There I am good, me and grandmother, mother-in-law Surya’s excellent performance and good dialogue delivery also we get to see back, so inside the first half and so much, then this show and this internal portion are empty impressive.

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Otherwise, the first half which is complete looks average. At the same time, while watching him, I noticed at some places that the director who is very confused was seen under pressure that he was doing whatever the film is about. A family routine gives me the feeling of laying an egg in my office, in whose affair somewhere I have said that the execution in many things does not seem to be proper. Tomorrow too, I take the account of the public and talk about a show scene. There is no question.

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