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DJ Tillu (2022) Full Telugu Movie Download 720p Ibomma

Sidhu Jora Ghata and Neha Tate Jaffrey will be seen as a snag about the second Telugu film released in theaters this week i.e. DJ Tillu. Sanjay basically Tandav is a crime comedy thriller film which comes with about two hours of content, so two people who have been working inside the Telugu film industry for almost 13 and 14 years after listening, they went to some films in supporting roles. has also worked.

He has also worked as a lead actor in some films and often he is seen working as a rap writer inside his film and he is the writer for this film which has been released. For this film, it was my first film too, which I went to see in the theatre.

Earlier, when I had not seen some of his films at Shaheed Vedi of Uri, but due to an impressive trailer and a superhit sound of the film, Juhi also reached to see something new in the theater, where after watching this film I got more Lumbini Andaz Mera Experience I try to tell you one line, DJ Dhillon jo hai is an out not entertaining movie

DJ Tillu Full Telugu Movie Download 480p Moviezwap

Meaning if you go to see a comedy film, only go to see the comedy of the film, then this two-hour-long film which is going to shower you flowers from beginning to end and is going to be completely entertained because the comedy of the film is The humor he has is very good.

he is very perfect, very strong, but on the other hand, I said that this film is a crime comedy thriller film, now I do not know that from the writer of the film, he did this crime. Thriller arrived has taken him seriously

Whether they have not done it or not, only they will know. But the film which is the story of the film which is seen as a crime comedy thriller, then the part of the film which is a crime thriller, the number of characters we get to see around that crime and the crime that happens there.

Writing We get to see the overall in the second half, what I would say is very average looks very simple Also Find Here Mahaan (2022) Full Tamil Movie Download 720p Isaimini, 480p Filmyzilla

And it can be said that the portion of the trailer that was prime, does not look very impressive, but because it has the strength of his comedy that maximum people will not pay attention to all these things and so to say.

So when I was also watching flowers, all these things which are somewhere under the comedy get buried to a great extent, so if it is a matter of some monetary points, then the biggest positive point of this film is that

DJ Tillu Telugu Dubbed Movie Download 2022 HD

The lead actor of this film i.e. Sidhu is his work inside the jail, in this his way of speaking, his expressions, his comic timing is so perfect that you believe from beginning to end. Whoever drags the entire film on his shoulder and manages to maintain it completely, he is also a childhood co-writer, so it is obvious that I have tales of the same girls as many of his previous films.

He has written the dialogues inside that too and the dialogues on this also land on the very best body and some of the punch lines are such that it is going to make you laugh a lot and the other thing which I found most impressive It was that the slang that has been given to the character of DJ Tillu.

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that line which is somewhere plays a very major role in that the dialogues are very impressive, very effective, sometimes this DJ The projection of Titu’s character is not the biggest highlight of the entire film.

Inside that character, you get to see a young man who gets to see a little bit of fear, who gets to see a little mischief and the greatest thing is the swag that you get to see inside that character, which is a whole character.

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Takes it to the next level but you won’t believe it. Inside this film, the swag scenes from the buildup scene of DJ Tinu’s character, Sena asked all those scenes to add all those parts which were being celebrated inside the theater completely like a superstar’s film and this Here I am not talking about any other single-screen theater in Hyderabad.

dj tillu Telugu Movie Free Download moviezwap

DJ Tillu Siddhu Jonnalagadda Movie Download Tamilrockers

Talking about a multiplex in Ram Surat, where such a celebration is being seen, then you can guess from this and I would say to my sir that the real fun of this film will come inside the theater itself. And on DD Woh Duty, I think the fun of it can be a little less and I would suggest that if you are planning to see this crowd.

then try to make as many films as possible. Whatever is in the original Telugu language, because the effect of the dialogues with which they were created is so much because all their lines are connected.

Sidhu’s tight lehenga is DJ’s slang, which is associated with that dialogue, so the impact he has is more. If they are dubbed in some other civil line or without line, if they are dubbed here in Hindi place, then the effect they have, the impact they have is reduced to less than half.

Movie NameDJ Tillu (2022)
Running time2Hours 4m
Release date12 February 2022
DirectorVimal Krishna

That is why if you have noticed that when you go to see the comedy films which people praise in Hindi, then you feel that there is nothing special in it because there the language and flavor of the cactus is there.

It disappears completely, so if you are planning, then try with Pooja, when you see the phone in the Telugu version only, if you see it in Hindi, then I do not think that it has that much impact. Apart from this, one of the biggest highlights of the school is its title track which is ready and has become a super hit.

DJ Tillu Full Tamil, Telugu Movie Download 1080p Movierulz

The song which is right now is the best song on this film’s album. Apart from this, the songs that he has are not that special. This song which I liked the most and this title track which is also used in the background throughout the film and the way it has been used there is used in a very perfect way and that is where the scenes go.

And if it manages to make fun, then the first half of it, the comedy that is there is of the next level.

You will get tired of laughing, but from thereafter the interval after the first half, where the story starts, where the crime progresses, then what is that thing, from there I would say that comedy within the second half, you will get that much. You will get comedy two-point to point but you will get to see my comedy at different places and it will also be able to make you laugh.

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Paranjpe said in the beginning that the crime thriller that starts from there and the crime story starts, then from there, I would say that the story becomes very productive and when it fails at any place, it is not able to create it.

Unable to succeed. That’s why if you look at it as a crime thriller then only these things which will disturb you, Aggarwal, If you look at it as a comedy then I think all these things which are going to disturb you wherever you are.

DJ Tillu 2022 Mp4 Movie Free Watch Online

Apart from this, which is seen in the climax of the film, there are also some small and big films to be seen and it should be said that those who were only a little funny said the same thing with the character, I saw that except the character of D.G. But can be seen.

Due to his silence inside the campus, he may move away from logic a bit, but the climax there is definitely a little funny, but if we talk about the spin story and screenplay, then the story of the film is very much. It’s simple.

You must have seen such a story many times before. You do not get to see anything special about the story, but there is such a screenplay, it is largely the engagement, the screenplay from which the comedy has been edited is so perfect that you can read the story of the film wherever you are.

I will not think much if we talk about the rest of the actors who are seen in the heart, then I liked the work of DJ Tinu’s father who played the role in the film.

The story could have been a bit more impressive if the actress Neha Shetty had found her work special or if her character had been written well. But the chemistry between him and Sidhu looks quite good in some scenes.

If the performance which Jyoti did not give much and HOD did not give and Brahmaji’s work which was very less was limited to work even those who have not been poisoned much on the screen, then DJ Tillu is the one. It is a fine-tuning film, which if you go to watch it as a comedy scene, then the film will not disappoint you anywhere.

Within the story of the film, there is a portion of the crime inside the film, which is a portion of the thriller, where you will definitely see the shortcomings inside the writing, but it depends on you whether you go to see it as a comedy or else. If you go to see it as a crime comedy thriller and talk about Meri To Maine Jo Hai, this film was very much enjoyed.

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