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Dharamveer (2022) Marathi Movie Download 720p Filmyzilla

Dharamveer Main Post Police Station. Friends, some people believe and are so large in life. His contribution to his social service is so great that it is impossible to measure it in words. They do something in their lifetime which hardly anyone else can do after them. Hardly anyone else could take his place. He has a special place in the hearts of people. His service to the society, his service to the country, and his culture cannot be measured only by any party or political lens and so is the personality.

Dharamveer Anand Dighe Ji on whose life this film is based. See, I didn’t know much about Anand Hi Ji’s life about his service work before watching this movie. Meaning the city was not known at all. I have been to Thane city many times and whenever I used to go to Thane, people memorialized Dharamveer Anand Ji from place to place in his memory. have been installed,

We can see them from place to place all over the city of Thane, so whenever I see them, I used to have a lot desire to know about them. But we have only one medium to know that is Google. Now through Google, we can not get much information about someone’s life or service work. He too looked at Dharamveer Anand. It is absolutely impossible to get information about a personality like G. So as one of the characters in this film is a female journalist.

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He also knows as much about Dharamveer Anandagiri as told on Google. On the night of 25 August, this lady journalist comes to Thane city. Dharamveer Anand’s 20th death anniversary is on 26th August, 2nd, and 21st. That lady journalist has been sent to Thane to cover her.

Although this journalist does not know anything about Anand Ji’s life, about his service tax and after sitting in the auto, he has shown the photo of a Muslim driver, in which he sits and after sitting, I feel frustrated. Telling someone whether dude, all these politics are the same.

I have to leave my Bollywood party and come here. Etc. She is taking out her frustration, so when that driver hears this thing, then he tells that lady journalist that only through google you do not stop a person, you can not know his life, his service work and then the next day On the 26th August, there are thousands of people who have come to that woman journalist through this auto driver and on her death anniversary.

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Through her experiences, this lady journalist gets to know about the life of Dharamveer Anand’s Ji and along with that lady journalist, we also get to know about her life through flashbacks. The films date from the youth of Anand Devi Ji, that is, whenever he was associated with Shiv Sena and when he was appointed as the district chief of Thane city.

Dharamveer Marathi Movie Download HD

Dharamveer 2022 Movie Download HD Tamilrockers

From there till his death, his life journey has been shown to us in the film. Although in the film, more than the political and social situation of that time, the full focus of the film was on his service work. Like when riots were taking place in Bhiwandi in Mumbai by jihadis by fundamentalists, at that time how Dharamveer Anand stood stoically in front of a great man.

Apart from this, he used to hold his own Anand Ashram, which is his home, which was called Anandamath Orphanage, and there he used to hold court every day. Whoever used to have some trouble from the entire Thane city and due to the negligence of the system or outside the system, they have not been able to get justice.

Thousands of such people used to come to his court and there the problems of all their problems were solved immediately, so how did they solve the problems of the people who came there. The film has been shown in all these bars.

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However, before watching the film, I was feeling what perhaps the socio-political situation of the film two or three decades ago was like. How were the relations between the different parties? More will probably be shown about this.

I thought so but the films were mostly focused on the service work of Anand Devi Ji which is also a good thing. We get to know about his entire personality through the film about life. The question mark has also been raised on the death of films Anand’s Ji.

Dharamveer Marathi Movie Download 2022

Was it a normal death or was he murdered this thing has been very controversial? Although the film has not directly stated anything like this. At the end of the film, we were shown that when Anand Ji was admitted to the hospital, the doctors there came into a scene and said that nothing has happened to him. You just got a wound in the leg, the rest you will get well soon. After this three politicians come there to meet Anand Ji.

Who is he now, watch those movies and then after that Anindya ji’s nature suddenly becomes unwell and his. T happens, after which many people of Thane city set fire to the hospital there and then in the next scene which is the funeral scene, there is a dialogue between two people, then a person and Anand Ji.

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Those who are close workers ask them what happened, then those workers say that there was a heart attack, then the person asks where is his report, then the workers say that the report got burnt, then the other person who is there on this The questions raise the question that how can you then say that this is ordinary death and not murder.

Apart from this, if we look at the film from a tantric point of view, then the proficiency in Munshi Patel’s talk has once again shown how good a director he is. The way in the Munshi pattern, Ravindra Ji connected the audience emotionally with his story and with the cats. In the same way, here too he has been successful in keeping the audience hooked with him from beginning to end.

Then it is about three and a half hours but still, the film does not seem to be stretched to us much and with this, the film has been made with a very good production value and budget and which is the biggest plus point of the film. That is Prasad Ji’s performance i.e. we don’t even feel that we are seeing Prasad Ji on the screen.

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