Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 480p 123mkv

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Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 123mkv
Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 123mkv

Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 123mkv

Today we are going to talk. About the Telugu film, ie Dhamaka released in theaters this week in which you will be seen in the lead role. Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and Shri Leela film Ko Jo Kiya Trinath Rao movie which is basically an action drama comedy film. The film has also been released in Hindi. This film is also running in Hindi in theaters by the name of Big Dhamaka and the shows given to the Hindi version are negligible. This means in multiplexes like INOX PVR Cinepolis, the film is probably not shown anywhere. So if you want to watch the movie, then you may have to struggle a lot to watch it.

Now I have seen the Telugu version of the film and tried to tell Rao what is my overall experience after watching the film, then for me, Full Dhamaka proves to be a very average routine Ravi Teja film. But I didn’t enjoy the film very much. It doesn’t mean that you too can’t enjoy it. There must be some qualities inside you. You go and enjoy this film in the theatre.

Number one you must be a hardcore fan of Ravi Teja. By sitting in number 2022, you can enjoy the stories of 2010 even today. This should be a quality number three. You should have basic knowledge. You should have basic knowledge of old Telugu movies and also a little knowledge of Telugu pop culture. What is viral among Telugu students in today’s time? What is popular if it has all these three qualities?

Dhamaka Full Telugu Movie Download 480p Filmymeet

Aapke Toh Definitely Dhamaka proves to be a one-time virtual film for you. If not, if you do not have even one of these three qualities, then understand that you have to stay away from this film. Ravi Teja style, action dialogue delivery inside the D center staff of the film is a scene from Chiranjeevi’s Indra, a comedy with decent timing. You get to see its parody.

The actor is fine at the interval. The twist with OK is visible. If we get to see some action in Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja style, then the first off Kaise dengue will be a time pass till the first half. Would have been happy

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I used to say that it is okay brother, watch funny movies once, time will pass. Badi this film does not end there. That’s why I say that when I saw this film in the interval, I was feeling like the interval climax and I could not understand at all how people are going to take the story forward after this, then the interval ended. The film progressed and so did Na Chahte Hoon. If nothing stops inside the second half then nothing.

Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 123mkv
Dhamaka (2022) Movie Download 720p Moviesflix, 123mkv

Dhamaka Tamil, Telugu Movie Download HD Movierulz

From back story to whatever drama, action, comedy boredom nothing is entertaining. There are only two things to watch in the second half, one Zinta ke Zinta ka song and the other Pulsar bike wala song which you would get to see in the climax before the climax. That too was added very forcefully because it is already a very popular song, so it was inserted very forcefully or before the climax.

Still, I would say it was fun, I was enjoying it more than I was not enjoying seeing those things inside the movie. Seeing the reaction of the audience means that the audience was enjoying it a lot. Those scenes all those things Vijay that Pulsar bike song was good. It was fun to listen to.

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It was added in a very powerful way. But watching the whole second half just to listen to these two songs proved too difficult for me and the film gets tiring towards the end. Talking about the performance, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is delivering routine dialogues in a routine shoot in his routine style. The dialogues are well written after listening. Even in comedy scenes, he does a decent job in some places. It becomes a bit excessive in the second half.

Dhamaka Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download 1080p Filmyzilla

Regarding Freely LA, I would like to say that the dance she dances is many times more dangerous than the bad acting she does here. This means his dance steps inside the film which energetic dance he does, na Maja aa jaata. On the one hand, his acting is at that level which is going on. Zero Zero, is very strong. This Means Ravi Teja remains behind them.

If she gives such an energetic performance, then yes, she has won special worries in the songs, so I would like to do her work very well in the sound because she has talent, she has that in her, that work as an amazing film. gets done.

If the voice is left, then you cannot expect any acting from him and in one thing you came to know that he is an amateur. The theater was quite full. More celebrated people have done Shield LA than Ravi Teja and would like to do so.

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I noticed that there were many times more celebrations on Sunil Ram’s entry than what was celebrated on Ravi Teja’s entry etc. You will be able to experience all these things only when you watch the film in Telugu and watch it sitting in the midst of a Telugu audience, then it has its own different fun.

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There is a different experience. If we talk about the screenplay of the film, then the screenplay is there, the routine and the seen story, and when it starts, it starts in one shot. The subsequent processing very slowly gradually becomes so routine that in some places there is a drama which is emotion.

Whatever it is, doesn’t work. On the contrary, everything seems to have been seen so much that it is a film somewhere. But even a percent poet is not able to create the interface.

I am in very bad condition of the forum. There is no kind of background music inside the phone that can activate a scene properly, so I would like to say that the film Dhamaka is a regular review material that comes on YouTube. People watch, and pass the time sitting at home. In fact, anything new inside the film means anything interesting that you will not get to see. You are a hardcore fan of Ravi Teja. If you like to see the old storyline in 2022, then you can go and give it a try.

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