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Bhoot Police Full Movie Download

Bhoot Police Full Movie Download HD 720p Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Today we are going to talk. About Disney Plus as well as the released film i.e. Bhoot Police in which you will be seen in lead roles Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, and Yami Gautam. Apart from this, Javed Jaffrey who is going to be seen in a small role of this culvert, Yeh Phal Jo Hai is a horror comedy film, which came with a run time of about two hours, after watching it, the liver becomes opinion, the same thing to tell you in one line. Try it. Two Phones which ends now ends up being a decent film because the biggest problem of this category is that it is a horror-comedy film.

Yes it is a horror-comedy film and for the first one hour of the film I was thinking the same thing, I was trying to find out which scene to laugh at and which scene to be scared of in the first one hour of the film. There was neither kind of horror inside nor any kind of comedy that would make you laugh a lot after seeing it. Yes, there will be few scenes where you slept a little and forget that even if you laughed, then there are few scenes of that time.

Coming to the first half, if the matter is clear, what is now proved to be completely average, wherever I would say that in the hour of the film, it is two hours which could have easily been done for one hour forty-five minutes or even 30 minutes. That there is no song inside it and if you see, on the other hand, there are many strong scenes inside the first half, which are not even needed so much, then the first half of the film proves to be very average. How can one say what is less than the super second half that proves a little English?

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The way the story is given a new twist, it can be said that a little interest starts to form inside the story, talk about their story, then their story is very simple or they are two tantric brothers where Arjun Kapoor And here Saif Ali Khan is both the brothers whose father was a very big Tantrik or Saif Ali Khan does not believe in these ghosts at all and he runs his work here like a business, cheats people and money. On the other hand, Arjun Kapoor also supports him, but he believes in ghosts and he is looking for such an opportunity when he has to face a real ghost, then will Arjun Kapoor have a chance to face his ghost? Get.

If so, how do they handle it? To see all these things, you have to watch a couple of hours long Sangat. Talking about the storm, the biggest highlight of the film, if it proves to be, is its last 30 minutes. Within the last 30 minutes, you will get to see a good future in the story, which was not very extraordinary but can be said that it will provide you something better than the whole film.

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whether we talk about comedy or if we talk about horror then I will not say Still, there was a little bit of humor that was performance, everything that you will get to see within the last 30 minutes in that department, we can pretty much say that it was good and within this 30 minutes I would say that the cinematography, the camera angle, etc. Whereas ghosts enter inside the cadre, which camera angle is shown to us according to the way it moves.

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Bhoot Police Full Hindi Movie Download HD Filmyzilla

Red lighting has also been used for the rest of the lighting etc. If his eyes look red, then all these things have been tried to be shown properly, so the last 30 40 minutes which were satire were quite decent but still there story-wise which impresses the film. does. The rest of the horror and comedy was quite average there as well. Regarding horror, I would say that I did not feel scared at one place inside the entire film.

Attempts were made to freeze in many places, something that comes right in front of the screen, but all those things will not work in today’s time and sitting at home watching a movie on a TV screen on a computer screen, then all those things at all. If it doesn’t work, then horror can’t do the work of this film anywhere. Talking about comedy, whatever comic timing works in some places of Saif Ali Khan, the action taken by him works in some places which will be able to make you laugh.

In this way, he talks about the rest of the cast performance then Arjun Kapoor and I would like to say that he is either playing a serious character in a film which according to me he has played him in quite a decent way and even before the climax, he is playing a serious character.

The scene comes where and there is a fight between the two brothers, in that scene their dialogue delivery and chatting, etc. were quite decent. Apart from this, Yami Gautam’s work was fine, but Jacqueline Fernandez additional is not going to provide you much or anything in the batting department. Saif Ali Khan proves to be the best performer in this film according to me.

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I really liked his work throughout the film. In fact, there is no such extraordinary work of sound effects in them, nor is there any different background music that gives some very different flavor to a film. You will not see anything like this. Apart from this, it is obvious that if films, etc. have to pay a lot of attention to costume make-up, etc. The make-up was fine, but when a witch comes inside Yami Gautam or she looks like a witch, then seeing her, there is less pain and more laughter and the one who clings to such bones like old films. Keeps coming.

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Seeing him, I was really laughing and if I was afraid, what should I say about fear, then lying down made me laugh, if you want to laugh while looking at him, then those scary scenes will definitely make you laugh. Apart from this, there comes a scene in the climax where you have Saif Ali Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Arjun Kapoor all three standing together, then in a scene there is a frame change, it is clearly known and I have done this for the first time or for a very long time.

Noticed a film after a while. I don’t know when we make videos etc., but if we cut something from one scene to another, then you would have come to know that it is exactly the same problem. I experienced you during this film as well, so if any of you have observed, then definitely let me know in the comments.

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