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Bharat Ane Nenu full movie download

Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Bharat made this 2008 Telugu political drama film Kurda Shiva Mahesh Babu Kiara Advani and Prakash Raj. This is the story of Bharat played by Mahesh Babu. Bharat completes his fifth graduation degree in London, Bharat returns to India after his father’s death. His father was the CM of Antar Pradesh, now the president of the ruling party, Bharat Rajguru, who has been played by Prakash Raj, requests from Bharat that you become CM instead of your father.

Now, after becoming CM, Bharat would take the decision to remove corruption, to remind people of their responsibility for the development of their state, and to bring back to the track laziness that has taken place in the government machinery. Huh.

What kind of problems they have to face, we have been shown in this entire film. Along with this, Bharat’s personal family problem, Bharat’s love story, and his party’s internal politics are also shown in the film. If we talk about their plus points, then we get to see some very good performance here. Apart from that, I also liked the subject of the film and the Bharat of the film is very catchy these days and we want to hum again and again.

There is nothing new in the story of the film, but as I told you, a lot of things are going on in the film, like Bharat’s love story. The internal politics of the party is related to their personal family problems and what they do for the development of their state, how they decide, so many such things are going on in the film together and that is why we remain in the film. Even if Mahesh Babu has given a good performance, but the director has not been able to use his character in such a good way.

Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu full movie download 480p

Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu, Tamil Movie Download 720p

Look at the answer, for the development of our state, I did not think of the kind of passion that we should have, that character should be seen in that center. Meaning, here is Shivaji, the character of Rajinikanth sir in Boss or the character of Vikram sir in the unfamiliar, or the character of Anil Kapoor of the protagonist, how this character can be developed for the development of the country to remove corruption.

The way we look very aggressive and passionate. I was doing that kind of thing when I saw it, I did not like it that much. So I mean a little bit disappointed because.

In and if Sean wanted to see that. What does Bharat decide for the development of the film state, how much planning he does to overcome corruption was not given much focus on the internal politics of his party, which is the ruling party and which is the opposition party. Bharat’s love story to the conflict between them and their family problems is more focused on all these things in the film and I wanted to see how they take the development of the state forward. Should have been more focused.

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I also like Mahesh Babu very much and that is why a lot of expectations but I went to see this film today. Although the film does not bore me, I was expecting something more. If you talk about the music of the film, then the song of the film is shot in a village in addition to the Bharat of the film, which is shot inside the temple.

I liked both these scenes. Apart from this, the rest of the other songs were a little bit lenient to me and it seems as if they stop the film.

When we were watching the film, we wished we could see the ring at the earliest. So when the film is moving slowly and the songs also fall in it, it seems that and as if it has stopped there, so the film seemed a bit slow to me but despite all these minus points if you are a fan of Mahesh Babu then you will definitely like this film.

Yes, personally I had some more expectations, probably because I had to be a little disappointed.