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Antim (2021) Full Movie Download HD 720p 123mkv, Filmyzilla

Today we are going to talk about the second Bollywood film released in Antim its theaters i.e. last the final need, in which you will be seen in the lead role, Salman Khan, Ayush Sharma, Sachin Khedekar and Upendra Limaye Tanwar have done it. Mahesh Manjrekar, where he is now also seen in a small role inside this moment, is not afraid of this film which is the official remake of the 2018 Marathi film Munshi Patil.

In such a situation, their makers are speaking because now they do not know why they are speaking. Well leave it, Yeh Sab Jo Hai is basically a crime drama film, which shows us the world of crime and some serious issues related to farmers. Here too, the list tries to show the original version it used to do.

Now the case of this film is a bit up-and-down and it says that the cobbler I have seen is also present on Om Ladies channel, so after seeing the control when I watch this film today. If gone, I will try to tell you the meaning of my overall experience after watching the film, then, in the end, it proves to be a very average bill.

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Now, this is a remake. Now, this is a strange tension, whatever it is, but I found this film quite average, please. This film will be average for those people who have seen me Battle Thrill and Ready, for the rest of those who have not seen it, I will say that they too will not find much extraordinary or much amazing and even if they think so So once you see it after seeing it too, then maybe you will understand, first of all, let’s talk about some of his positive points, so what is his biggest positive point in this?

You asked for Salman Khan and Salman Khan, who are the gurus who have saved this film to a great extent, their performance inside them, their character is much more complicated than all their recently played characters. Hai looks quite good, there is a pause in his dialogue delivery which I loved choosing. Please enjoy watching him in a different type of role and can say that he was looking good in the role of Sardar.

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Apart from this, you also get to hear some dialogues where I said at the time of the trailer itself that it is the same inside them. A lot of dialogues have been used here from the original itself, yet people are calling it dictation, then some Airbus has also been used here and has also put some missing soybeans from its side, but those are the dialogues of the roll film.

antim full movie download 720p Filmyzilla

Antim Full Movie Download 1080p Filmymeet

On the other hand, one of the biggest highlights of this film is Ek Aur Jo Hai Woh Ya Vahe Period Music by Ravi Basu which is the biggest highlight of this over and I would like to say that at the beginning of the film when BCM rings Salman. After Khan’s entry, it is a lot of fun to listen and watch, on the other hand, Ashwin Chandra is also seen Upendra Limaye, who plays the role of a police officer inside Munshi Battle School, in which Salman Khan is seen in this film of Amin. Huh

Upendra Limaye was in that role, he was a police officer in that film and he is playing the role of a criminal in this film and I liked his work in the field, even though it was a small role but he played the role of a criminal. The role has been playing very well.

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There is a reason in his voice that gives depth to the character itself. If one gives his shade to the character, I really liked his performance in him. One thing that was creating a lot of excitement before the release of this film was that the makers had said that they do not set any limits.

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Whatever it is, etc. Seeing the trailer etc. it seemed that this is not a frame to frame remake and this is a little commercial version of the pattern, but after watching the film I felt that even though this film, which is Prem Prem, is not a remake or a direction, but in spite of that, there are two things that come around again and again in the same places. Meaning the way he showed it, he has shown it in a slightly different way.

Come on, this thing is good that you make a remake, Reva is also taking the idea from some punch and presenting it in your own way but and to say this, what was the idea of ​​showing things in a different way or else The writing that we get to see inside your film to show it is not that good.

Antim Movie Cast And Release Date?

Movie Name:- Antim
Language:- Hindi
Release date:- 26 November 2021
Director:- Mahesh Manjrekar
Running time:- 2h 20m minutes
Box office:- ₹58.26 crore

If one proves to be the biggest enemy of this film, then it is Ayush Sharma inside this country because if you look at this role, then many major scenes of Munshi Battle film here only feel that because of Ayush Sharma. This has been changed a bit, I told me in Battle for Review that there is a restaurant scene inside that film where an amazing performance was given that there, earlier I had said that if that scene is to be played here like this. If it is made well inside the film then it will be fun.

To tell the truth, when I saw that scene inside this forest, then what does my mind mean that the scene has not been shown in that way because if it was shown in that way then Aayush Sharma would have to give a next-level performance and If she did not have to give that performance Swati, then she presented the scene in a completely different way, due to which a little emotional portion that was messed up gets completely destroyed.

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Another thing that I would love to hear when I sit down was that too, where the character, Rowdy, who is here during a chase sequence at the beginning of love, is all his own. If you remember the past life, then that thing has been completely removed here, what you removed is a different matter, but still, if it is removed from it, then it automatically becomes more eccentric, completely flat. Does.

There is no hold in things and on the other hand if you look there, today there is a character named Rahoge, there is a small child, the bonding you get to see between him and Ahuja who is there during the whole thing, call him He tries to do what is the tension bed inside him, later he comes to save Ahuja who is emotional bonding who is a technician and later the pilot who gets to see everyone what was shocking, all these things is it removed inside them

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And the way the climax of the film has been written, even after removing the literary speak, it is very simple words and if you watch the whole film, then if you have seen that scene, then anywhere justifying the crime or else The criminal is not shown presenting like a hero but here the character of AAP Sharma has been presented to him completely in the same type, in the climax he is seen fighting with Salman Khan i.e. a police officer.

He is seen fighting with the criminals. What used to mean that then such a film has been presented as a complete typical Bollywood film, which I am telling the truth while watching it, I used to get very disappointed. The second type, which I found very bad was that even by great actors like Sachin Khedekar, you could not bring out that strong performance for you.

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This means the remorse inside that character, which is one’s sorrow, which should be a shame in his eyes, which I can see in the tone, was completely missing from here and whatever man is inside a voice can say. Whether because of his mistake or because of the mistake of the way this film will be shown or whatever it is that he has lost everything, in the same way, his son has become a criminal today, then you will see all the things. Anywhere, even in his voice, that thing is not felt and I did not find that performance too special.

This film gives a feeling within its first 10 minutes that there is a lot going on inside you which we are going to see because at the beginning of the film when these people are leaving their village and coming here to Pune. The scene which is there has been removed so quickly that don’t even ask. Meaning if you see the original inside that scene, there is the mother who is Rahu or the mother who cries while leaving her house, the tears in her eyes, whose performance was her sadness, from which it is shown. that was so awesome it’s made completely accessible

And why things have changed, why have things been shown so quickly so that an amazing entry of Salman Khan can be shown, then this is the biggest reason that the things that were removed from here to present Salman Khan as a hero Whether or not they have been banished from TV, because of them, they enjoy a lot of the film, but if it is said, a very good idea, despite being a remake of a very good film, the way this film is presented Has been done


The changes that are seen in the writing are such that this film is seen as a very simple Bollywood association and people will think that why you have become a remake of this film. People who have not seen me will be put to a halt and this is very simple. So what am I new in this because the things that were good and the things that were innovative have not been used here, so I found it quite an average day overall, let’s take down the roll focusing on Sharma’s performance that the film is what it is, the flavor board of it. The liver which is there is not able to bring it anywhere.

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